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Amante Beach Club Ibiza and Aiyanna Ibiza open in April

Amante Beach Club Ibiza and Aiyanna Ibiza open in April

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For those looking for a luxury culinary experience on the island of Ibiza, the beach clubs and all-day dining venues Amante Ib iza and Aiyanna Ibiza are the perfect choice. These award-winning restaurants are opening their doors again, offering an ambience that will make the heart of any boho lover and free spirit beat faster.

At Amante Beach Club Ibiza, guests can expect breathtaking views of Sol Den Serra Bay and a relaxed, luxurious boho ambience that conveys a sense of freedom and lightheartedness. Here guests can enjoy healthy and delicious meals made from organic, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The menu offers a selection of modern-Mediterranean lunch and dinner creations, ranging from mezze and superfood salads to Mediterranean specialties like roasted eggplant with bulgur, crispy corn and creamy Greek yogurt mousse. Sirvia (local Mediterranean fish) with sautéed zucchini spaghetti and pistachio vinaigrette and vegan compositions are also part of the culinary offerings. Special highlights include moonlight dinners, where guests can enjoy a romantic dinner under the rising full moon over the sea, and open-air movie nights, where classics and modern films are shown under the starry sky accompanied by the gentle sound of the sea.

Amante Beach Club Ibiza and Aiyanna Ibiza – Indulgence with Boho Ambience

Aiyanna Ibiza, the sister restaurant to Amante Ibiza, is located on the idyllic Cala Nova Bay and offers a casual boho ambiance that reflects the quiet side of northeast Ibiza. The rustic and natural design with wood-covered patios and a nature-inspired dining area creates a relaxed atmosphere that invites guests to try fresh, healthy and innovative sharing plates. Here, priority is given to local ingredients, fresh and deliciously prepared. But Aiyanna Ibiza offers more than just a culinary experience: it’s also a platform for local artists to exhibit their work and engage in conversation with interested parties. Guests can also purchase the hip, fair-trade and self-designed pieces of local designer Ivonne Carolina in the boutique that is part of the restaurant. Another highlight is the rotating pop-up food trucks, live music in the evenings and exhibitions by local artists, creating a cultural oasis that reflects the Ibiza lifestyle.

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Both restaurants’ commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness is remarkable. Amante Ibiza uses mainly quality local products, 90 percent of which are sourced from Spain, and some of the ingredients are even grown in the restaurant’s own garden. The Aiyanna Ibiza was the first business in the Pitiusas to be awarded the International Biosphere Certification and is committed to sustainability and environmental awareness.

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