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The ultimate indulgence: Whisky Advent Calendar 2023 by Liquid Director

The ultimate indulgence: Whisky Advent Calendar 2023 by Liquid Director

Whisky Adventskalender 2023

As the festive season approaches, the Whisky Advent Calendar 2023 takes us into a world of exquisite taste and fine tasting. Liquid Director, as a pioneer for unique pleasure experiences, promises an Advent full of surprises and harmony between whisky and chocolate with this offer.

A unique experience for whisky lovers

Liquid Director sets new standards with its first whisky advent calendar. This masterful piece contains 12 handpicked whiskies matured for up to 15 years. And as if that were not enough, each of these fine drops is accompanied by an exquisite, handpicked chocolate that perfects the taste experience.

The combination of tradition and craftsmanship

With whiskies from different cask maturations and chocolates from traditional manufactories, this Advent calendar opens a new chapter of indulgence every day. It is not only a journey through the world of whisky, but also a tribute to the craft of chocolate making.

Accompanying 60-page booklet: deepen your knowledge

Another highlight that distinguishes this Advent calendar is the lovingly designed 60-page booklet. It not only provides background information on the whiskies tasted, but also on the chocolates selected. This makes the experience not only a treat for the palate, but also a journey through the history and flavour profiles of fine wines.

“Our mission at Liquid Director is to give joy and enthusiasm,” says Pascal Dulay-Winkler, the company’s founder.

The perfect gift for the festive season

Imagine being able to heighten the anticipation of the festive days with an Advent calendar that comes up with new, delightful surprises every day. It is not only a gift of taste, but also of emotion.

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“With our first Whisky Advent Calendar, we want to spread the festive spirit and increase the anticipation of the holidays,” emphasises Pascal Dulay-Winkler.

The Whisky Advent Calendar 2023 by Liquid Director is more than just a calendar; it is an experience. Now available in limited edition for 119,90€ on the Liquid Director website, including free shipping within Germany.

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