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Magical Christmas with the Schlemmerblock

Magical Christmas with the Schlemmerblock


Schlemmerblock – this term makes the hearts of gourmets beat faster, especially during the magical Christmas season. Discover how this voucher book not only serves as an ideal gift, but also as a partner for culinary New Year’s resolutions.

Culinary promises for Christmas and 2024

The Schlemmerblock opens up a world of pleasure. Here, culinary delights meet a wide range of leisure and wellness offers. It’s not only a great gift for the festive season, but also the perfect companion all year round.

As Jens Helmer, Head of Marketing, Press and Cooperations at VMG, explains: “With the Schlemmerblock, everyone can immerse themselves in a place where young and old can experience culinary delights, fun and relaxation.”

New Year’s resolutions that inspire

Instead of setting unattainable goals for the new year, they should be achievable and fun. This is exactly what you can do with the Schlemmerblock. Exploring a new restaurant or café from the book every month brings culinary diversity and gastronomic adventures to life. “So one resolution could be to explore a new restaurant from the Schlemmerblock every month to experience a variety of cuisines and gastronomic adventures,” says Helmer.

More than just food: Combine culinary delights with adventure

With the Schlemmerblock, the pleasure goes beyond the restaurant. Combine your culinary experience with a tour of the city. The enclosed €20 credit for makes this easier. Or enjoy the variety on offer in your own four walls by ordering food to take away.

Diversity and quality – the promise for 2024

“We love culinary diversity and want to encourage people to make new discoveries in 2024 – in a carefree and cosy atmosphere,” emphasises Helmer. The Schlemmerblock 2024 once again promises numerous great partners from the catering, leisure and wellness sectors.

The 2:1 principle of the Schlemmerblock

The principle of the Schlemmerblock is simple but effective. Eat as a couple and get the second main course of the same value or cheaper for free. This offer extends not only to restaurants, but also to cinemas, theme parks and more.

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20 years of Schlemmerblock – prices like 20 years ago

The Schlemmerblock 2024 is available with the code STERN23-PR at a special price from just €9.92* (€44.90):

  • from one copy 23,90 €
  • from 3 copies 14,90 €
  • from 5 copies 11,90 €
  • 5+1 promotion: one block free for every 5 blocks ordered
    * incl. Free block converted €9.92 per block 2024. For a limited time only. While stocks last.

Shipping costs are waived for orders of at least five copies. You can enter the code when ordering via the free hotline 0800-8585085 (available from all German networks) or online at The validity period of the Schlemmerblock 2024 extends from now until 01.12.2024.

The Schlemmerblock offers more than just vouchers. It opens doors to culinary adventures and unique experiences. A magical Christmas gift and the perfect companion for an enjoyable New Year 2024.

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