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Amari Phuket – A Gourmet’s Paradise in the TreePods

Amari Phuket – A Gourmet’s Paradise in the TreePods

Amari Phuket

Amari Phuket is revolutionising the dining experience with the stunning TreePods, which combine unique culinary delights with unparalleled views of the Andaman Sea.

The enchanting location

Nestled amongst the verdant trees, with a breathtaking panorama of the sparkling Andaman Sea, the TreePods at Amari Phuket offer a culinary adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Welcome to Treepods at Amari Phuket, where delicious cuisine is combined with breathtaking views to create an unforgettably enchanting culinary adventure.

Design meets nature

More than just a place to eat, the TreePods are real works of art made from environmentally friendly materials. Each is designed and placed to offer maximum privacy and blend seamlessly into the surrounding nature, allowing guests to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Culinary diversity in lofty heights

For guests of the Amari Phuket and external visitors, the Treepods are available at any time of the day. From the opulent “breakfast and champagne” with a glass of champagne to the traditional Thai lunch that reveals the essence of Phuket recipes. For those who prefer a relaxed afternoon, afternoon tea is available, and those looking for a romantic dinner will be delighted by the evening menus.

The food selection

The offer ranges from breakfast with a glass of champagne to an immersive culinary experience, the Chef’s Table. At the latter, guests can watch experienced chefs prepare their food right before their eyes. And for those seeking the traditional flavours of Thailand, there is the Royal Thai Cuisine Menu.

An irresistible offer

Breakfast and champagne starts at 3,500++ THB for two people for hotel guests and 4,500++ THB for two people for non-hotel guests. For those who miss the taste of Italy, the La Gritta-inspired menu showcases the delicious flavours of the country.

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Amari Phuket takes the culinary experience to a new level with TreePods. Whether for a romantic date, a celebration with friends or simply to treat yourself, the TreePods guarantee an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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