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SIRO One Za’abeel – Unique fitness and recreation concept in the heart of Dubai

SIRO One Za’abeel – Unique fitness and recreation concept in the heart of Dubai

SIRO One Za’abeel
SIRO One Za’abeel
SIRO One Za’abeel
SIRO One Za’abeel
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SIRO One Za’abeel

SIRO One Za’abeel, a ground-breaking hotel concept in the heart of Dubai, is at the forefront of the hotel revolution. Characterised by the philosophy “Training without compromise, relaxation without compromise, life without compromise”, this debut of the new lifestyle brand SIRO marks a turning point in the world of upscale hotels.

SIRO’s vision: A new era in the hotel industry

Kerzner International, under the leadership of CEO Philippe Zuber, presents SIRO One Za’abeel, a hotel that goes beyond traditional boundaries. SIRO has set itself the task of revolutionising the hotel industry with innovative concepts. At the heart of this vision is the fusion of science and innovation to create a holistic wellbeing experience that puts fitness, self-care and relaxation at the centre.

The SIRO One Za’abeel experience

SIRO One Za’abeel stands out with its ultra-modern, soundproofed rooms, specially designed for mental and physical relaxation. The rooms offer everything from relaxation equipment to a minibar with healthy snacks. The innovative app control of the curtains also allows them to be adjusted to the sleeping rhythm of the guests.

A journey through fitness and relaxation

The hotel is home to a “Fitness and Recovery Lab“, which offers various training programmes and group courses in a 1,000 square metre area. The “Fitness Lab” includes studios for Pilates, spinning and yoga, while the “Recovery Lab” offers a variety of therapies, from cryotherapy to supervised stretching.

Community and crossing borders

The SIRO team consists of a network of athletes and partners, including well-known names such as the AC Milan football team and boxer Ramla Ali. These partnerships help to ensure that guests can experience training, exercise and relaxation at a professional level.

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More than just a hotel

SIRO One Za’abeel not only offers an exclusive membership for its Fitness Lab, but also a comprehensive programme of experiences in the United Arab Emirates inspired by the SIRO philosophy. The hotel is now accepting reservations, heralding a new era in the hotel industry.


SIRO One Za’abeel is more than a hotel – it is an experience that combines health, wellness and luxury. With its forward-looking approach and commitment to revolutionising the hotel industry, SIRO is setting new standards for life without compromise.

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