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Hotel Bahía del Duque: Holistic relaxation

Hotel Bahía del Duque: Holistic relaxation

Bahia del Duque
Bahia del Duque
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Bahia del Duque

The luxury resort Hotel Bahía del Duque in Tenerife offers its guests not only luxurious accommodations and picturesque surroundings, but also a unique experience at the Bahía Wellness Retreat. Here guests can pamper their bodies with relaxing massages, but also actively relax their minds through meditation and yoga, finding a lasting sense of well-being.

Holistic approach for body and soul

The inspiration for the Bahía Wellness Retreatcomes from ancient Asian teachings such as Buddhism, which have stood for holistic wellness of body and soul for thousands of years. The holistic approach is based on the belief that physical and mental well-being are inseparable.

Customized programs for individual needs

At Bahía Wellness Retreat, guests can choose from a variety of spa treatments, yoga and meditation to create their own customized program. An expert accompanies them on their journey through the world of holistic wellbeing and provides valuable tips and suggestions.

Thai Room Spa for unique spa treatments

At the Thai Room Spa, guests can choose from a variety of massage types, from Ayurvedic massage to traditional Thai massage. All treatments use only natural products prepared exclusively for each individual guest. Some even come from the direct surroundings of the hotel, such as banana leaves, aloe vera or lava rock.

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Meditation and yoga for mind and body

Guests also have the opportunity to participate in a personal Buddhist meditation session. Pranayama meditation combines movements with focused breathing to cleanse the soul, open the body’s energy pathways, and strengthen the body and mind. The yoga sessions round out the program and give guests the opportunity to take home their newfound knowledge about themselves and their own “temple.”

Hotel Bahía del Duque offers its guests a unique experience for body and soul with the Bahía Wellness Retreat. The combination of spa treatments, meditation and yoga allows guests to fully relax and experience lasting wellness.

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