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Frankfurt Airport – Contactless travel through innovative biometric technology

Frankfurt Airport – Contactless travel through innovative biometric technology

Flughafen Frankfurt

Travellers beware! Frankfurt Airport is introducing a revolutionary technology that will permanently change the travel experience. Thanks to a collaboration between SITA and Fraport, passengers of all airlines will soon be able to enjoy a contactless and frictionless travel experience.

Contactless travel thanks to “Smart Path

Frankfurt Airport, known as one of the largest transport hubs in Europe, enters into a significant cooperation with SITA and NEC Corporation. The focus here is on the “Smart Path” biometrics solution, which enables passengers to pass through the various checkpoints at the airport with just a glance. This innovative method ensures that the entire travel process from check-in to boarding is contactless and efficient.

How does the technology work?

To benefit from this advanced technology, travellers can register via the Star Alliance Biometrics app on their smartphone or directly at the check-in kiosk with a biometrics-enabled passport. This process is completed within seconds. With this successful registration, passengers can pass through checkpoints equipped with facial recognition technology contactlessly and without additional documents.

Advantages for travellers and airlines

Dr Pierre Dominique Prümm, Executive Board Member for Aviation and Infrastructure at Fraport AG, emphasises the importance of this project: “We are the first airport in Europe to offer all passengers a contactless and convenient travel experience with a biometric procedure. This is a big step towards the future.” David Lavorel, CEO of SITA, adds: “75 per cent of all passengers are happy to use biometric systems if they are offered. The introduction of such systems at Frankfurt Airport will improve the travel experience for many.”

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Highest accuracy with NEC’s technology

The basis of the “Smart Path” technology is the identification software I:Delight from NEC. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has repeatedly recognised this software as the world’s most accurate facial recognition technology. This ensures fast and accurate identification of travellers and contributes significantly to a safe and smooth process.

In summary, this new technology at Frankfurt Airport brings a decisive improvement for all travellers and promises a contactless, secure and fast travel experience. A significant step into the future of travel has been taken!

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