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New life in the Badeschloss – A Bad Gastein landmark reawakens

New life in the Badeschloss – A Bad Gastein landmark reawakens


Three months after the opening of the Straubinger Grand Hotel, the Badeschloss opposite is once again revitalising the iconic Straubingerplatz in Bad Gastein. But what makes this historic building so special and why should you have it on your winter travel list? Here is everything you need to know.

Steeped in history Badeschloss

The Badeschloss, built in 1791, may be the oldest building on Straubingerplatz, but it exudes a fresh, youthful charm. The colourful and playful interior design of the castle is a tribute to contemporary bathing and accommodation culture, which fits seamlessly into the historical context.

Petra Deuter, CEO of Travel Charme and Hirmer Hospitality, commented: “The Badeschloss revives the bathing culture in the heart of Bad Gastein.”

A place of water

One thing is certain: water plays a crucial role in the Badeschloss. From the lobby to the rooms, you will find allusions to the cool water everywhere. Be it free-standing double bathtubs or the symbolic names of the individually designed accommodations – the element of water is omnipresent and lends the place a calming atmosphere.

Culinary delights at the Badeschloss

The culinary highlight of the Badeschloss is without a doubt the Auntie Heidi restaurant. Regional dishes with a cosmopolitan touch are served here in the morning and evening. For those looking for a relaxing drink, the Castle Bar and the Fireplace Bar offer a cosy atmosphere for solo travellers, couples and families.

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The Badeschloss takes wellness to a new level. The Alpine Swim Club, spread over three floors, not only offers a sauna area and relaxation rooms, but also a rooftop infinity pool. From here, guests enjoy a breathtaking view of the picturesque Gastein Valley. It is not only a place for physical relaxation, but also for mental recuperation and healthy eating. The team of therapists uses care products from the English clean beauty brand The Organic Pharmacy.

Holiday offers you should not miss

Those who visit the bathing castle during the holidays will be spoilt with special offers. Whether a Christmas party in the castle bar or a New Year’s Eve celebration with buffet and DJ – there are many reasons to spend the turn of the year at the Badeschloss.

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