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Barbados is calling: your direct flight to paradise with Condor

Barbados is calling: your direct flight to paradise with Condor


When the cold season arrives in Germany, the prospect of sunny days in the Caribbean beckons. Condor, the renowned airline, is once again offering travellers the perfect escape from winter in the coming season: Direct flights from Frankfurt to Bridgetown, Barbados. From 5 November 2024 to 22 April 2025, you can experience the Caribbean flair of Barbados in just eleven and a half hours every Tuesday.

This connection is an invitation to escape the grey of everyday life and immerse yourself in the warm, inviting blue of the Caribbean Sea.

Non-stop to the Caribbean

Every Tuesday, an A330neo takes off from Frankfurt for Barbados. The flight route is carefully planned, with a short, one-hour stopover before continuing towards the dream destination. The return journey to Frankfurt is non-stop and takes just under nine hours, allowing a quick and comfortable return to everyday life.

A bridge between Germany and Barbados

In November 2023, after a break due to the Corona pandemic and after extensive negotiations with Barbados, Condor resumed its flights to Bridgetown. This comeback of the air link emphasises the close ties and cooperation between Germany and Barbados. It also marks a decisive step towards further consolidating Barbados’ position in Europe. This is a fantastic opportunity for German travellers to escape the icy winter and immerse themselves in the warm, welcoming ambience of Barbados.

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More flights, more freedom

The frequency of Condor flights to Barbados will increase until 9 April 2024: In addition to the Tuesday flights, trips will now also be offered on Sundays. This doubling of flight days offers holidaymakers greater choice when planning their stay in the Caribbean. The availability of tickets for both flight schedules allows you to plan your holiday in advance and secure the best seats for those interested.

The flights offered by Condor are more than just an escape from the German winter; they are a direct route to one of the most marvellous destinations in the world. Barbados welcomes its visitors and offers unforgettable moments with its white beaches, clear sea and inviting culture.

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