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Emirates revolutionizes the WLAN experience above the clouds

Emirates revolutionizes the WLAN experience above the clouds


Emirates is expanding in-flight Wi-Fi services for its passengers. Regardless of class of travel, passengers who are members of Emirates’ Skywards loyalty program can now enjoy free in-flight Internet services. The initiative has already led to a remarkable increase in usage, with 30,000 additional economy class passengers using the free Wi-Fi each week.

Emirates – a pioneer in in-flight connectivity

Emirates, known as an industry leader in the development of Wi-Fi offerings, has invested more than $300 million in in-flight connectivity to date. All Skywards members can now enjoy free access to messaging services such as WhatsApp and Messenger, regardless of their status or class of travel.

Premium connectivity for higher membership levels

For Skywards members in First Class, and Silver and Gold members in Business Class, the airline offers unlimited free Internet access. This allows them to work or shop online during the flight. Platinum members enjoy this service regardless of their class of travel.

Emirates: Increase in WLAN use on board

The free connectivity has already generated a positive response from passengers of. On average, there are 450,000 monthly users, representing a 30 percent increase in usage for 2023 compared to the previous year.

Enhanced connectivity with the new Airbus A350s

The airline plans to introduce a newhigh-speed broadband network on board the 50 new Airbus A350s scheduled to enter service in 2024. This is made possible through a partnership with Inmarsat’s GX Aviation, the world’s first and only globally available broadband network.

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An investment for the future of in-flight connectivity

In addition to the Inmarsat partnership, Emirates is investing more than $350 million in Thales and Optiq’s AVANT Up system to equip the 50 new A350 aircraft. This system features an industry-leading smart display with dual Bluetooth connections and integrated Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to pair multiple devices simultaneously and charge quickly.

Passengers simply need to sign up for Emirates Skywards for free to access the free Wi-Fi. Interested parties can sign up via,, through the official Emirates or flydubai apps, and directly through the in-flight Wi-Fi portal.

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