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Zero-emission cruise ship: Norway’s Hurtigruten presents groundbreaking project

Zero-emission cruise ship: Norway’s Hurtigruten presents groundbreaking project

Emissionsfreies Kreuzfahrtschiff

Emission-free cruise ship: Shortly before its impressive 130th anniversary, the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten presented its vision for the first completely emission-free cruise ship. Known as “Sea Zero,” the project unveiled its ambitious plan to create the most efficient ship of its kind in March 2022.

A consortium for a sustainable future

Hurtigruten Norway and its strong consortium of twelve maritime partners, supported by the renowned research institute SINTEF, share a common mission to realize completely zero-emission shipping. After the first year of research, the consortium has presented the key results of its efforts to develop energy-efficient and carbon-neutral technologies.

Customized ships for a clean future

In line with its sustainable operating model, specifically designed for the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten Norway focuses on smaller, customized ships that leave a positive, zero-emissions footprint at sea and on land. Their goal is to convert their entire fleet to zero-emission ships by 2030, an unprecedented undertaking in an industry where only 0.1% of ships are zero-emission.

Emission free cruise ship
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Hurtigruten’s goal: sustainability revolution

Hurtigruten’s vision aims to transform the cruise industry and redefine the future of sustainable travel. The company’s new vessels will be fully electric and powered by rechargeable batteries that can be topped up in port.

Zero-emission cruise ship: unique innovations on board

Innovations such as retractable sails with integrated solar panels, maneuvering capabilities controlled by artificial intelligence, counter-rotating propellers, and an array of retractable thrusters are just a few of the groundbreaking features. This combination of advanced technologies, including air lubrication, special hull coating and proactive hull cleaning, contribute to a significant increase in efficiency.

Unparalleled comfort and view on the emission-free cruise ship

Striving for first-class guest comfort, Hurtigruten’s first zero-emission ship features a streamlined shape that minimizes drag, reduces energy consumption and enhances passenger comfort. Generous outdoor spaces and expanded window areas offer unparalleled views of the stunning Norwegian coastline.

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Emission free cruise ship
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Emission-free cruise ship: guest participation

An innovative mobile app allows guests to actively contribute to the ship’s energy efficiency. They can control advanced cabin ventilation and monitor their personal water and energy consumption, resulting in a more conscious travel experience.

Zero-emission cruise ship: Continuing traditions with forward-looking innovations

True to its 130-year tradition of transporting goods along the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten’s zero-emission cruise ship will include ample cargo space and the capacity to transport cars, while being completely emission-free.

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