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Le Bristol Paris Pasta: homemade pasta from the pasta laboratory Il Pastificio

Le Bristol Paris Pasta: homemade pasta from the pasta laboratory Il Pastificio

Le Bristol Paris Pasta

Le Bristol Paris expands its artisan mastery with the launch of the new pasta laboratory “Il Pastificio”. Known for its constant innovation and improvement, the luxury hotel already has a traditional bakery, a chocolate manufactory, a cheese grotto and a wine cellar. Now “Il Pastificio” makes its appearance as the fifth masterpiece. Under the direction of Michelin-starred Chef Eric Frechon, Pasta Labor emphasizes the unparalleled value of authenticity and craftsmanship.

Cristina Ternullo: The master behind the pasta

In the pursuit of excellence, Eric Frechon chose Cristina Ternullo, a native of Rome, to become the pasta master of “Il Pastificio”. Ternullo brings eight varieties of handmade pasta to the table every day, with dough production taking more than 24 hours. The varied pastas created at the Atelier represent a culinary journey through Italy, from the gnocchis of the south to the girolettes of the interior.

Le Bristol Paris Pasta
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High quality ingredients, healthy and delicious

The Le Bristol Paris team works exclusively with ancient grains ground on site in their own mill. This mill, located next to the busy Pastalabor in the basement of the hotel, produces a perfect flour from khorasan, soft wheat, einkorn and marguerite. These grains have been specially selected for their texture, flavors and high selenium content, which makes them suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

A new highlight in the restaurants of Le Bristol Paris

Restaurant menus at Le Bristol Paris have expanded with the introduction of the new Atelier Pasta. Guests can now enjoy exquisite dishes such as “candele” macaroni with black truffles, artichokes and duck foie gras at Epicure, crawfish ravioli at 114 Faubourg and traditional ricotta and spinach ravioli at Café Antonia. “Il Pastificio” opens a new era of indulgence at Le Bristol Paris, where simple ingredients become incomparable taste sensations.

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Le Bristol Paris is the only 5-star Parisian palace hotel in European hands. All rooms and suites – although the hotel is located in the heart of Paris at the pulse of the actuality – are quietly situated. Since 2021, after an extensive renovation, all rooms and suites shine in new splendor.

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