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Convent Square Lisbon: A Luxury Retreat with History

Convent Square Lisbon: A Luxury Retreat with History

Convent Square Lissabon

Amidst the vibrant heart of Lisbon, IHG Hotels & Resorts proudly presents its latest jewel in its ever-growing luxury and lifestyle portfolio: The Vignette Collection Convent Square Lisbon. This impressive hotel, which artfully combines culture, history and upscale hospitality, exemplifies IHG’s expertise in creating world-class accommodations. Nestled in Lisbon’s centuries-old ambience, Convent Square Lisbon weaves a narrative tapestry that tells of heritage, sophistication and the soul of the city.

A piece of history in modern Lisbon

Convent Square Lisbon, a first-class hotel with 121 rooms, has recently opened its doors in an impressive 13th century Dominican monastery. This oasis of tranquillity is paradoxically located in Lisbon’s bustling Baixa district, just a stone’s throw from iconic sights such as Rossio Square and the famous Chiado.

From monastery corridors to wellness retreats

A highlight of the hotel is without question the restoration of the Convento de S. Domingos, a historic building that was completed in 1242. Where prayers once resounded, wellness facilities such as sauna, fitness room and indoor pool now invite you to relax. The pool offers a magnificent view of the São Domingos church.

Art meets hospitality

Strolling through the hotel’s corridors, you come across works of art by renowned Portuguese artists. Of particular note is a specially designed sculpture by Pedro Cabrita Reis, one of Portugal’s most renowned artists.

A culinary voyage of discovery

A variety of culinary delights await guests at Convent Square Lisbon. The Capitulo restaurant, under the direction of chef Victor Sobral, offers modern interpretations of traditional Portuguese dishes, while small treats and drinks are served in the idyllic monastery garden.

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Sustainability and community

Beyond luxury and elegance, Convent Square Lisbon is also committed to social responsibility. The hotel has partnered with Corações Com Coroa to empower women and support young girls. This community initiative highlights the hotel’s commitment to responsibility and locality.

The “Convent Square Lisbon” is more than just a hotel – it is an experience. A place where history, luxury and social responsibility come together to offer guests an unforgettable experience. If you want to experience authentic Lisbon, Convent Square Lisbon is your first port of call.

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