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Atmosphere Core conquers the Indian market

Atmosphere Core conquers the Indian market

Atmosphere Core

Atmosphere Core, a renowned hotel company, is setting foot in the Indian market with the opening of eight new hotels. With a mission to provide unique experiences and sustainable development, the company aims to revolutionise the hospitality industry in India. The focus is on the “Joy of Giving” principle.

The impressive market entry in India

Atmosphere Core is no newcomer to the hotel industry. The company has made a name for itself through its award-winning resorts in the Maldives. However, entering the Indian market is a bold step towards global expansion. The plan is to open eight hotels and resorts within the next two years, and this number will increase to 25 by 2025. Salil Panigrahi, Managing Director of Atmosphere Core, highlighted how the company has redefined hospitality in the Maldives and looks forward to witnessing this transformation in India as well.

The legacy of Atmosphere Core

Under the expert direction of Salil Panigrahi, Atmosphere Core has set a new standard for hospitality in the Maldives. This philosophy of commitment to sustainability and the “Joy of Giving” principle is also to be continued in India. “India’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes offer immense potential for exceptional hospitality,” emphasised Dipti Ranjan Patnaik, Chairman, Atmosphere Hospitality Private Limited.

The new hotels and resorts

The list of hotels opening in the coming years is impressive. From OZEN MANSION KOLKATA, located in an opulent neighbourhood with a six-acre garden, to OZEN PRIVADO GOA, a picturesque retreat overlooking the Arabian Sea, each hotel promises a unique experience for guests. Whether it’s the historic SADAR MANZIL HERITAGE BY ATMOSPHERE BHOPAL, which combines modern luxury with historic charm, or the STILLWOOD RETREAT A SIGNATURE ATMOSPHERE COORG, set amidst a pristine coffee plantation, the facilities speak for themselves.

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A look into the future

As Atmosphere Core continues its expansion in India, guests are sure to be excited to see what the company has in store next. With an ongoing commitment to creative storytelling, sustainable development and unique brand experiences, it is only a matter of time before Atmosphere Core dominates the Indian market.

Overall, Atmosphere Core brings a fresh perspective and a new level of luxury hospitality to India. With a clear focus on sustainability, unique experiences and the “Joy of Giving” principle, the company has everything it takes to succeed in the Indian hotel industry.

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