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fink – A piece of sustainable luxury in Bressanone’s historic setting

fink – A piece of sustainable luxury in Bressanone’s historic setting


The newly opened “fink” in Brixen skilfully combines luxury and history with a modern sustainability concept. With only 9 individually designed suites, an arbour restaurant with a unique “monastery kitchen” and a Thermae reminiscent of Roman baths, it offers an exclusive holiday experience in South Tyrol.

History meets modernity: The “fink” summerhouse

The more than 600-year-old Laubenhaus in the former cathedral city of Brixen underwent a breathtaking transformation in August 2023. Under the expert management of Petra Hinteregger Fink and Florian Fink, this historic gem has been carefully renovated and transformed into a 9-suite hotel. The architectural firm ASAGGIO has to ensure that the historic character of the house is preserved while giving it a clear and purist interior.

Exquisite accommodation and relaxing thermae

The individually designed suites, spread over three floors, reflect the historic layout of the building. With their almost identical colour scheme and furnishings, all suites offer a calming, monastic atmosphere. But the real relaxation is found in the hotel’s Thermae. Inspired by Roman baths, it offers both cold and warm water pools that are ideal retreats after an active day in the city or on the South Tyrolean slopes.

From farm to table: fink’s monastery kitchen

Under the skilful direction of Florian Fink, the cuisine of the “fink” focuses on simplicity and sophistication. With a strong focus on natural, local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant has quickly made a name for itself. There is also a commitment to sustainable practices, for example by sourcing organic vegetables and herbs and partnering with a local baker who uses ancient grains for bread and confectionery.

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A commitment to sustainability

But the “fink” is not limited to culinary sustainability. During the renovation of the house, great importance was attached to ecological materials. It is heated with environmentally friendly district heating and 100 % green electricity. This commitment to environmental protection has even earned the restaurant the “Earth Check” certificate, a recognition for sustainable tourism.

In the pedestrian zone of Bressanone, under the historic arcades and just a short walk from the train station, the fink stands as a symbol of a harmonious fusion of history, luxury and sustainability. A must for all those who are looking for something special and do not want to compromise on environmental friendliness.

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