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Riverside Ravel: The new gem from Riverside Luxury Cruises

Riverside Ravel: The new gem from Riverside Luxury Cruises

Riverside Ravel

In August, Riverside Luxury Cruises launches its newest masterpiece, the Riverside Ravel, on a sumptuous Rhône voyage through enchanting Provence. The christening of the second jewel in the fleet follows the successful debut of the Riverside Mozart on the Danube. The ship’s maiden voyage will begin in Lyon on August 13, 2023, and promises travelers a unique experience on the Rhône River.

With an image of the renowned French composer Ravel sitting casually in a leather fauteuil, the ship makes a visual and symbolic connection to its namesake. Offering comfort and culinary delights, the Riverside Ravel promises sensual experiences and unforgettable moments. Like Ravel’s iconic Boléro, the ship glides smoothly and steadily across the Rhône and Saône rivers, an attraction in itself.

Luxurious amenities aboard the Riverside Ravel

The Riverside Ravel offers unparalleled luxury for its guests. It offers suites instead of traditional cabins, with butler service for all travelers. In addition, there is an aroma kitchen that uses mainly regional products and prepares all dishes fresh on board.

Riverside Ravel: Exclusive experiences on land

The Riverside Ravel also offers guests exceptional experiences in Provence, including city tours of Arles and Avignon, a drive through the Beaujolais in the iconic Citroën 2CV, and painting classes with local artists. For the pre-opening period, Riverside Luxury Cruises is granting special introductory rates.

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Future projects of Riverside Luxury Cruises

Riverside Luxury Cruises, founded by siblings Gregor and Anouchka Gerlach, owners of the Seaside Collection, plans to introduce its next two ships, Riverside Debussy and Riverside Bach, in spring 2024. With this fleet, the company is revolutionizing the river cruise market. The Hamburg hoteliers’ forward-thinking vision shines through in their eleven hotels in Spain, Germany and the Maldives, as well as in their growing river cruise fleet.

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