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Gmundner Lodge Namibia – Luxury and indulgence

Gmundner Lodge Namibia – Luxury and indulgence

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Gmundner Lodge Namibia offers travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Namibia in one of the most beautiful places in the country. This luxurious lodge combines lavish comfort with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Namibia captivates visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, endless expanses and soft light. Gmundner Lodge is located southeast of Windhoek and only thirty minutes from the airport. Nestled in a fascinating landscape between the Kalahari Desert in the east and the Khomas mountain plateau in the west, the lodge offers a unique refuge for man and nature on 6,000 hectares. Guests can enjoy the sunrise on the terrace from their luxurious suites or relax in an outdoor hot tub and admire the breathtaking scenery. The Gmundner Lodge focuses on sustainability and environmental protection. The lodge was built with sustainable materials from the surrounding area and is powered exclusively by solar energy. The lodge is CO2 neutral and has twelve luxurious guest suites furnished in nostalgic safari style. The lodge is run by local staff who are proud of their homeland and are happy to share their knowledge with guests. The team attaches great importance to the mindful use of resources, avoids waste and recycles raw materials carefully.

Gmundner Lodge Namibia combines sustainability and luxury

A special highlight of the Gmundner Lodge is its own farm, which is sustainably managed and supplies the kitchen team with fresh organic products. A top chef will spoil guests with culinary delights made from vegetables, dairy products, beef and game, honey and much more. The staff and their families are also provided with the food they produce themselves, which contributes to a real family atmosphere at the lodge. Overall, Gmundner Lodge is the ideal place for travelers who want to combine luxury and sustainability while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Namibia. Here guests can relax amidst a fascinating landscape and experience nature in a respectful way.

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