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Hotel La Palma: a luxury oasis that embodies Italian creativity and excellence

Hotel La Palma: a luxury oasis that embodies Italian creativity and excellence

Hotel La Palma Capri

The Hotel La Palma in Capri, recently included in the Oetker Collection, is not only a luxury hostel, but also a symbol of Italian elegance and craftsmanship. Working closely with renowned experts, the hotel has unveiled an exclusive Capsule Collection that offers guests a slice of timeless Italian luxury.

Historical significance and perfect location

The Hotel La Palma, the first Masterpiece Hotel of the Oetker Collection in Italy, is deeply rooted in the history of Capri. Originally known as Locanda Pagano, this unique hotel looks back on a rich past since 1822. Situated in close proximity to the famous Piazzetta, the hotel offers not only luxury accommodation in its 50 rooms, but also a lively hub of social life on the island.

Equipment and ambience

Hotel La Palma impresses with its exquisite amenities, which include lively restaurants, a bar, a lively private beach club, a picturesque swimming pool terrace with bar and a luxurious wellness area. “The reinterpretation of a Capri icon in the form of Hotel La Palma represents a remarkable connection between the past and the present,” says an Oetker Collection insider.

Exklusive Capsule-Kollektion

For the festive occasion of the opening, Hotel La Palma has called on the expertise of the respected style and décor editor Gianluca Longo. The result: a bespoke Capsule Collection showcasing the best of Italian luxury in the form of locally made products and bespoke goods from both Italian and international brands. Inspired by the colour palette and elegant island style of the hotel and Capri itself, this collection is a true reflection of what Hotel La Palma represents – a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Hotel La Palma’s unique collection in collaboration with renowned brands includes:

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Hotel La Palma not only redefines luxury on Capri, but also offers the opportunity to acquire a piece of this timeless elegance. With each visit, guests can dive deep into the heritage and luxury of Italy and be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and Capsule Collection presented. The Hotel La Palma is truly a jewel that combines tradition and contemporary excellence.

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