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Josephinenhütte: Perfection in the glass for every rosé type

Josephinenhütte: Perfection in the glass for every rosé type


The worldwide enthusiasm for rosé wines remains unbroken. The number of rosé lovers is growing steadily and the variety of quality levels on offer is reaching new heights. But the appreciation of this wine does not stop with the bottle; the right glass can have a significant influence on the enjoyment. This is where the Josephinenhütte comes in with its special collection.

Rosé: More than just a summer drink

Summer, sun, rosé – this association is obvious. But rosé is far more than a seasonal treat. With 2.5 billion litres produced annually, this wine now represents around 10 per cent of global wine production. The spectrum ranges from simple entry-level wines to special site rosés.

Glass design at the highest level

The diversity of rosé wines is reflected in their different characteristics. Glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto has recognised this and created special wine glasses for his “Josephine” collection. This innovative approach highlights the nuances of each wine and allows a recommendation based on wine style, not just colour or varietal typicity.

Josephinenhütte Glasses


Customised glasses for different rosé types

Uncomplicated lifestyle rosés: JOSEPHINE No 1 showcases the rosé type that is popular worldwide and widespread in Provence. The slender silhouette and the characteristic bend of the glass enhance the fine aromas of this elegant wine.

Fruity rosés with a higher concentration: The JOSEPHINE No 2 glass is ideal for these powerful rosés. Its fruity juiciness and partly spicy aromas are optimally presented in this glass.

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Sophisticated and matured rosés: For those looking for a complex rosé that is almost like a red wine, the voluminous JOSEPHINE No 3 is the perfect choice.

Rosé sparkling wines: With these wines, it’s all about the right perlage. The JOSEPHINE No 4 offers a sensual experience through its design and allows the fine carbonic acid bubbles to be shown to their best advantage.

Josephinenhütte: A Revolution in Wine Glasses

The team at Josephinenhütte has made it their mission to perfect the experience of drinking rosé wine. They have realised that every detail counts and with their collection they offer not just a product, but a passion. Rosé lovers worldwide can rejoice, because with the right glass, every sip becomes an unforgettable experience.

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