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Janu Diriyah: Luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia

Janu Diriyah: Luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia

Janu Diriyah

Janu Diriyah, a luxury hotel scheduled to open its doors in 2026, will be located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif. The accommodation will feature 120 rooms, a spa and a variety of gastronomic offerings to provide guests with memorable moments and create lasting connections between like-minded people.

The Aman Group continues its expansion with Janu Diriyah

Vlad Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman Group, spoke about the new projects, Janu Diriyah and Aman Wadi Safar, and emphasized Aman Group’s commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doronin mentioned that his first visit to Saudi Arabia left a lasting impression and emphasized the country’s rich culture and impressive landscapes.

A strategic vision for diverse travel experiences

The new projects in Saudi Arabia underscore Doronin’s strategic vision to provide diverse travel experiences for Aman Group guests. These include city explorations, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and breathtaking desert landscapes.

Diriyah Company and Aman Group enter into partnership

Jerry Inzerillo, Group CEO of Diriyah Company, expressed his pride in the cooperation with Aman Group and the realization of two outstanding projects in Wadi Safar and Diriyah. He stressed that Diriyah, the City of Earth, should become the largest cultural and heritage destination in the world. The projects will expand the luxury offerings for guests who want to explore the city’s identity.

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Focus on a common future

Aman Group developed the projects in close collaboration with Diriyah Company, focusing on the unique location in the heart of 300 years of Saudi history. Together, the two companies are looking to a future in which the city and the community are more closely linked.

Janu Diriyah and other projects of the Aman Group

Aman Group has already announced three projects in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, including two Aman destinations and Janu AlUla. Additionally, Project Sama was unveiled – the brand’s first luxury motor yacht developed in collaboration with Cruise Saudi. The yacht will offer cruises in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

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