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Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof – A Winter Paradise in the Heart of the Salzburg Mountains

Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof – A Winter Paradise in the Heart of the Salzburg Mountains

Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof
Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof
Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof
Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof
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Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof

The Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof in Untertauern is not only a select address for those seeking relaxation, but also transforms into a true adventure centre in winter, surrounded by a thick blanket of snow.

The magic of the Gnadenalm

The hotel’s own Gnadenalm in Obertauern is only about four kilometres away from the Lürzerhof. Here, at an altitude of 1,275 metres, you can experience a wide range of winter activities. From cross-country skiing to biathlon, tobogganing to horse-drawn sleigh rides – there is something for everyone. vIndulge in regional specialities in the restaurant’s rustic hut or, as part of the “Happy Alpine Days” package, swap a six-course meal for an authentic fondue evening at the Gnadenalm.

The winter wonderland of Obertauern

Every year, when December dawns, Obertauern puts on its impressive white coat. Imagine standing on a slope surrounded by glistening snow that stretches from 1,000 to 2,500 metres above sea level and lasts into May. For cross-country skiers, it doesn’t get much better than here: The Gnadenalm of the Lürzerhof is like a springboard directly into the 20-kilometre-long high-altitude cross-country skiing network. And the best part? Right outside the gates of the resort you can join the Tauern cross-country ski run and get started straight away. A dream for every winter lover!

Gentle explorations in deep snow

For those who want to enjoy nature in its purest form, the winter forests and frozen streams around the Gnadenalm offer a breathtaking backdrop for snowshoe hikes. The oval runners can be rented on site and there are even guided tours available.

For families and adventure seekers

The Gnadenalm offers a range of activities that are particularly suitable for families with children. The Gnadenalm natural toboggan run, the only one in all of Obertauern, turns into an adventure under floodlights in the evening. Before the descent, the “skidoo” snowmobile taxi takes you up the mountain. Traditional fun is provided by curling, and the Gnadenalm restaurant tempts you with regional delicacies and homemade brandies.

Relaxation in the Premium Spa

After a day full of activities, relaxation in the Lürzerhof’s 4,000 square metre Premium Spa is just the thing. The Habersatter hotelier family recommends: “First a show infusion in the event sauna, then refreshment in the natural bathing pond and finally relaxing in the heated outdoor whirlpool with a view of the snow-covered Salzburg mountains.”

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The Alpin Life Resort Lürzerhof offers a unique winter experience. Whether sporting activities, relaxing spa visits or culinary delights – everyone will find what they are looking for here. If you are looking for a combination of adventure and relaxation in the midst of a picturesque winter landscape, you will certainly not be disappointed here.

Visit for more information and book your next winter holiday in the heart of the Salzburg mountains.

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