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Food America: Discover five culinary travel destinations in the U.S.

Food America: Discover five culinary travel destinations in the U.S.

Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 04:21 pm

Food America: Visit The USA has put together a selection of five gourmet travel destinations where the USA shows its aromatic side.

Santa Fe – The Aromatic Treasury of New Mexico

Santa Fe, a city where chili peppers set the culinary tone. Discover New Mexican cuisine, which features mild to spicy green chilies and sweet red varieties. Try the famous green chile cheeseburger and immerse yourself in the region’s culinary diversity, which includes Mexican food trucks, stews and the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail. In September, the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta takes place, celebrating the city’s culinary scene.

Boston – The Cradle of New England Cuisine

The Union Oyster House is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the U.S. and offers regional specialties such as clam chowder, lobster dishes and fresh oysters. In Boston’s oldest neighborhood, North End, you’ll find more than 100 Italian-inspired restaurants, cafes and bakeries that combine Italian tradition and modern sophistication.

Scottsdale – Arizona’s Culinary Wellness Paradise

Scottsdale is known for its high spa density and renowned chefs like Charleen Badman and Matt Carter for Wellbeing. Experience the flavors of Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, and sample local specialties like Brussels sprouts nachos at colorful diners like Diego Pops.

Lake Charles – The Diverse Cuisine of the American South

In Lake Charles, in southwest Louisiana, Cajun and Creole heritage is reflected in world-class dishes like gumbo, boudin and étouffée. Sample crab gumbo and jumbo butterfly Gulf shrimp at Steamboat Bill’s on the Lake, or visit the Louisiana Food & Wine Festival in September, which brings together gourmet experiences from across Louisiana and the South.

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Lexington – The Home of Intense Southern Cuisine

In Lexington, Kentucky, meet the “Martha Stewart of the South,” Ouita Michel, and her six restaurants, including Holly Hill Inn. A trip to Kentucky wouldn’t be complete without America’s native spirit, bourbon. Experience the history and flavor of bourbon on the Bourbon Trail, which takes you to 18 of the state’s largest distilleries. Enjoy a blend of Southern cuisine and an extensive spirits collection at the Bardstown Bourbon Company.

Food America: Immerse yourself in the aromatic world and discover the diverse culinary treasures that the United States has in store for visitors.

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