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Red Sea Global – Insights into the future of luxury tourism

Red Sea Global – Insights into the future of luxury tourism

Red Sea Global
Red Sea Global
Red Sea Global
Red Sea Global
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Red Sea Global

The world of tourism is experiencing a ground-breaking development: Red Sea Global (RSG) is in the spotlight with the announcement that it will establish its own luxury hotel brand on the Red Sea. The opening of Shebara in summer 2024 will open a new chapter in the history of sustainable tourism.

Shebara – A pearl on the Red Sea

Shebara, the latest jewel in the crown of luxury destinations, will debut as part of an impressive collection of international hotel brands in the Red Sea. With prestigious partners such as St. Regis, Ritz Carlton Reserve and Six Senses already welcoming guests, Shebara is setting new standards in luxury tourism.

Shebara offers unique diving and snorkelling opportunities on a reef up to 40 metres deep. The resort’s 73 villas, a mixture of water and beach villas, are a true masterpiece of architecture. Accessible by boat or seaplane, Shebara promises an unrivalled experience.

Architectural wonder

The eye-catching design of the stainless steel villas, created by Killa Design, is inspired by nature. They reflect the colours and patterns of the ocean and the sky, underlining the connection to the surrounding natural beauty. The central reception building, strategically positioned in the coral reef, offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

Shebara not only stands for luxury, but also for sustainability. Once completed, the resort will run entirely on renewable energy. With its own solar park and over 11,000 solar panels, Shebara shows how luxury tourism and environmental awareness can go hand in hand.

The vision behind Red Sea Global

The introduction of Shebara comes at a time of rapid growth in Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector. Since the introduction of Vision 2030, the contribution of tourism to GDP has doubled and the target for visitor numbers has been raised due to the positive development.

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Aimed at the year 2030, the completed destination will showcase an impressive collection of 50 resorts, high-end marinas and golf facilities, as well as numerous other exclusive facilities, all designed under the banner of sustainability and luxury. This progressive expansion underlines Saudi Arabia’s ambition to position itself as a top destination for discerning luxury travellers worldwide.


With the imminent opening of Shebara on the Red Sea, Red Sea Global is opening a new chapter in the world of luxury tourism. This ambitious project, which combines luxury and sustainability, will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of global tourism. It is symbolic of Saudi Arabia’s aspirational vision to position itself as a premier destination for discerning travellers worldwide.

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