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Lovechock – Vegan chocolate seduction in a class of its own

Lovechock – Vegan chocolate seduction in a class of its own


The vegan chocolate world has reached its peak with Lovechock, a brand that combines sensual indulgence with conscious living. Immerse yourself in the tempting world of chocolate, which is not only tasteful but also ethically convincing.

A taste that enchants

Lovechock has been inspiring people with its exquisite vegan chocolate creations since 2009. The Amsterdam-based brand has taken a decisive step in collaboration with one of Belgium’s leading chocolatiers to combine the creamy texture of classic chocolate with the purity of vegan chocolate. The result is a vegan chocolate that delights the palate with its delicate melting and unmistakable taste.

Ethical chocolate: love in every bar

The secret of Lovechock lies in its mission, which goes far beyond the mere chocolate experience. It’s about inspiring consumers to enjoy consciously and making the world a better place.

Mareike Lott, Marketing Manager, emphasises: “We want to create a movement that focuses on love for people, cocoa farmers and our planet.”

In doing so, Lovechock relies on three ethical pillars:

Love for people: High-quality ingredients and little sugar ensure a healthy chocolate experience.
Love for the cocoa farmers: Direct trade and support for cooperatives ensure that farmers are paid fairly.
Love for the planet: All Lovechock products are 100% vegan and available in home-compostable packaging.

The revolution: “Cacao Magic

The latest innovation from Lovechock is the “Cacao Magic” series. It is the product of a collaboration with one of Belgium’s leading chocolatiers and offers a taste that is in no way inferior to that of classic chocolate. With a sugar content reduced by up to 30% and the natural sweetener inulin, the “Cacao Magic” series promises a pleasure experience that is also good for the intestinal bacteria.

Superfood: Raw chocolates from Lovechock

Alongside the new creations, Lovechock remains true to its tradition of raw chocolates, which has made the brand a pioneer in this segment. These creations offer the pure pleasure of real chocolate with no regrets.

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Availability and prices

The “Cacao Magic” series and the classic raw chocolates are available at organic wholesalers as well as online. With a price of EUR 2.99 for a 70g bar and EUR 1.99 for the new Gift Bars, it offers excellent value for money.

In conclusion, Lovechock not only offers a vegan chocolate to melt away, but also ethics that inspire. There is a love of detail, of the environment and of the people who enjoy it in every table.

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