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Luxury Hotel Villa Nai 3.3 with new Chef de Cuisine

Luxury Hotel Villa Nai 3.3 with new Chef de Cuisine

Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 04:26 pm

Villa Nai 3.3, a luxury hotel, is surrounded by an olive grove and is located in a picturesque setting near the village of Zman on the island of Dugi Otok in northern Dalmatia. A total of eight rooms and suites are available to guests, which can be booked individually or as an entire property. Each room and suite has a spacious terrace.

First-class amenities for discerning guests

Villa Nai 3.3 ‘s exclusive amenities include two seawater pools, a spa, a lobby bar and a separate cigar room surrounded by a rock garden. Organic food from regional farmers and from the hotel’s own organic farm is used for catering.

Villa Nai 3.3
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Olive mill and award winning olive oil

The hotel grounds also house an olive mill that produces the award-winning Nai 3.3 olive oil, which guests can enjoy on site.

Yann Berger as new Chef de Cuisine

Just in time for the start of the summer season, Villa Nai 3.3 welcomes the experienced Yann Berger as its new Chef de Cuisine. Berger will take over the management of the two restaurants Grotta 11 000 and 3.3 and will contribute his many years of culinary experience from various European hotels and restaurants.

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Berger’s culinary journey and expertise

In the past, Berger has honed his passion for local products in remote regions of Europe, from Finland and Sweden to Svalbard in Norway. He was also part of the kitchen team at an award-winning vegetarian and vegan boutique hotel in Tyrol, where he developed a wide variety of plant-based dishes.

The kitchen philosophy

The ultra-luxurious Villa Nai 3.3 is deeply rooted in its Dalmatian heritage, which is also reflected in its kitchen philosophy. The Grotta 11 000 and 3.3 restaurants serve only selected ingredients from local suppliers or from the sea, complemented by the in-house award-winning olive oil Nai 3.3, produced by the owners Goran Morović and Nives.

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