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Mandarin Oriental Singapore – A Revival of Luxury and Culture

Mandarin Oriental Singapore – A Revival of Luxury and Culture

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

The Mandarin Oriental Singapore reopens its doors after a six-month makeover. At the heart of the reopening is the fusion of unmatched luxury and Singapore’s rich culture.

A portrait of the reopening

After a six-month redesign, the Mandarin Oriental Singapore presents itself in a new look. In doing so, the architecture and interior design reflect not only the distinctive luxury for which the hotel is known, but also Singapore’s rich heritage and cultural characteristics.

Philipp Knuepfer, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Singapore & Area Vice President Operations, emphasises:

“As we reopen, we look forward to bringing the soul of Singapore to life through our transformation, combining Mandarin Oriental’s legendary service with the rich local culture.”

Design as narrative art: An interview with Chief Designer Jeffrey Wilkes

The fusion of traditional and modern elements is the work of renowned head designer Jeffrey Wilkes of DESIGNWILKES. Inspired by architectural elements such as the Peranakan style, black and white houses and Angsana trees, each room tells its own story. Wilkes explains, “Every corner of the hotel tells a story, from the lush landscapes of Singapore to the stunning details found in the traditional shophouses.”

Rooms and Suites: A window to the soul of Singapore

Imagine waking up to your first glimpse of the sparkling Marina Bay or the gentle light of the South China Sea. This is no fleeting daydream, but reality at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore. Here, each of the 510 rooms and suites takes on its own character, inspired by the breathtaking views it has to offer.

They are not just “rooms”, but little narratives that come to life through colours and patterns. The cool, soothing tones of the rooms with Marina Bay views seem almost inspired by the water itself, complemented by subtle batik patterns that evoke Singapore’s rich cultural diversity. In complete contrast, the rooms overlook the South China Sea. They are bathed in warm hues that mimic the first rays of the morning sun and almost make you feel like the sun is rising in the room itself.

“The rooms are oriented to the scenes outside their windows”, and this simple sentence sums up the concept perfectly. The design philosophy goes beyond superficiality and captures the essence of the landscapes that frame the windows.

And then there are the suites – synonymous with ultimate luxury. These oases of exclusivity are located on the top two floors of the hotel and offer nothing less than a panoramic view that leaves you speechless. Whether you reside in the Presidential Suite or call the Royal Marina Bay Penthouse your temporary home, you can be sure that every square inch of these spaces has been designed with the intention of setting new standards in luxury. Spacious balconies, spacious living areas and in some cases even fully equipped kitchens leave nothing to be desired.

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This is no ordinary stay; it’s more of an invitation to experience Singapore through the lens of the Mandarin Oriental, one that transports you to a world of relaxation, luxury and culture.

Culinary voyages of discovery and more

Not only the design of the hotel is a feast for the senses, but also the gastronomic offer. The “embu” restaurant is dominated by a garden style and also offers an individual children’s buffet. The MO BAR also returns and entices with innovative cocktails. Guests can also expect extended wine programmes and daily tastings.

Event rooms and exclusive offers

The reopening once again makes the Mandarin Oriental Singapore the ideal venue for special events. With the Exceptionally Singapore package, guests can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as a selected regional experience and complimentary room upgrade.


The Mandarin Oriental Singapore manifests itself as a place where luxurious service and the quintessence of Singaporean culture come together in harmony. It is not just a question of where to stay, but a comprehensive Singapore experience offered to guests. The reopening of the hotel marks an important milestone that celebrates the diversity and energy of the “garden city”.

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