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Munich Airport – Record-breaking long-haul flights in summer 2024

Munich Airport – Record-breaking long-haul flights in summer 2024

Münchner Airport

Munich Airport is preparing for a record-breaking season in the summer of 2024, with Lufthansa and Discover Airlines both announcing significant additions to their schedules. From the world’s largest passenger aircraft to new destinations like Seattle and Bangalore, here’s everything you need to know about the exciting new additions.

More long-distance launches than ever before

Munich Airport, one of Germany’s most prominent flight hubs, is about to reach some impressive milestones in the upcoming 2024 summer season. According to current information, Lufthansa, the German airline par excellence, will increase its weekly departures to intercontinental destinations from the current level of around 150 to an impressive record of almost 190. “Lufthansa alone will be represented in Munich for the first time with 36 long-haul aircraft stationed there,” the airline announces.

New horizons: Seattle and Bangalore

One of the most exciting news for travellers is the announcement of new long-haul destinations. From 30 May 2024, Munich will be connected daily with Seattle on the American West Coast for the first time. But that is not all: “Bangalore in India will already be included in the coming winter flight schedule and will continue with up to six weekly flights in summer 2024,” Lufthansa reports. Both destinations are served by the modern and fuel-efficient Airbus A350 long-haul aircraft.

Asia’s reputation: Hong Kong and more

The post-pandemic world is shown by the resumption of air connections to Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most dazzling metropolises. In addition to Hong Kong, there is good news for those wishing to travel to South Africa: “From 3 June 2024, an Airbus A350 will fly passengers three times a week to South Africa,” in particular to Johannesburg, a city that has not been served from Munich since 2005.

The majestic Airbus A380

For lovers of the Airbus A380, there is also reason to cheer. Next summer, Munich Airport will serve five different destinations with this impressive aircraft type. The iconic cities of Boston, Los Angeles and New York (JFK) are back on the schedule, while Washington and Delhi are considered new additions.

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Discover Airlines expands its offer

While Lufthansa dominates the headlines, there is also news from Discover Airlines. The company has announced plans to base five Airbus A320 aircraft in Munich and offer 60 flights a week to 23 different destinations in Europe and North Africa in summer 2024.

Munich Airport is undoubtedly facing one of the busiest summer seasons in its history. For travellers and flight enthusiasts alike, there are many reasons to look forward to the coming months with excitement. Whether it’s exploring new destinations or experiencing the majesty of the Airbus A380, the summer of 2024 promises to be a memorable one.

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