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Voilà pampers mothers for Mother’s Day with exclusive gourmet menus and indulgence packages

Voilà pampers mothers for Mother’s Day with exclusive gourmet menus and indulgence packages


This year for Mother’s Day, the gourmet delivery service voilà is offering a special surprise for all mothers: exquisite menus from the best restaurants and unique indulgence packages for the ultimate culinary experience at home. This unusual gift idea will provide unforgettable moments for any mother.

Menus from top restaurants delivered directly to your doorstep

The versatile menu boxes from voilà (getvoilà.com) allow anyone to create a first-class menu for their mom. The refined dishes of the top restaurants are delivered directly to the door on the desired date. The menus are prepared by top chefs and shipped by refrigerated express delivery throughout Germany and Austria.

A world of taste experiences to discover

The wide range of voilà offers different flavors and allows you to explore different country cuisines from the comfort of your home. Whether regional asparagus with home-pickled salmon from Elbtopf, an opulent 5-course menu from Restaurant Daalder from the Netherlands or the Lobster & Truffle Gourmet Package from La Sepia in Hamburg – culinary wishes will be fulfilled.

The menus are child’s play to prepare: Unpack, heat and enjoy. Voilà – the perfect Mother’s Day experience is complete!

Order in time and enjoy in time for Mother’s Day

For orders placed by May 10, menus will be delivered on May 13 and can be refrigerated and enjoyed until Mother’s Day.

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Pampering program with sweet treats and exquisite drinks

In addition to delicious menus, voilà also offers a variety of tasty cakes, high-quality sweets and premium drinks to make Mother’s Day even more special. The chocolate strawberry box from Frailice is a special highlight for those with a sweet tooth. For the coffee table, cake works of art such as the famous Sacher cake from Vienna or Stefan’s cheesecake are suitable. For toasting, choose from fine wines, exciting natural wines and sparkling champagne.

Flexible gift vouchers from voilà

For more flexibility, voilà also offers gift certificates that can be customized and redeemed. The digital gift certificate can be easily ordered online and printed immediately – ideal for last-minute gifts.

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