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Bab Al Shams Resort is back

Bab Al Shams Resort is back

The Bab Al Shams Resort, which has now reopened, offers a
unique living experience
due to its location in the desert. Embodying the rich history of the Middle East, it features 115 spacious rooms and suites adorned with refined Moorish touches. It offers a modern oasis at the gates of Dubai and offers unforgettable experiences, including world-class restaurants, spa treatments and desert adventures.
Gilles Soheir
, general manager of Bab Al Shams, said:

We present the newly designed Bab Al Shams with pride and passion. Our team is excited to bring the essence and history of this iconic hotel back to life to create an
authentic Bedouin experience
to create.

Bab Al Shams offers an entertaining experience for all the senses, including fine dining experiences with modern
retro charm
and a touch of theatricality. Restaurants promote local producers and use responsibly sourced ingredients to enrich the city’s vibrant culinary scene. The
Al Hadheerah Restaurant
is a culinary and entertaining experience deeply rooted in the Arab heritage of the region. It bridges the past and the future under the starry sky of the desert through a lively souk with live cuisine, dancers, musicians, falconers and camel riders.

Bab Al Shams Resort Exteriors
© Kerzner International

Zala Restaurant
, which derives its name from the word “canopy”, perfectly embodies the style of the resort and takes its guests on a culinary journey through modern Ottoman Greek cuisine, enlivened by theatrical elements and a lively atmosphere. The resort also offers a hidden meeting place for a relaxed exchange, the
Ya Hala Cigar Lounge
, which evokes the charm of old world clubs.

Anwā Sunset Lounge
on the other hand, combines various culinary traditions from the Far East and Southeast Asia. With its panoramic view of the desert, the lounge invites you to gaze at the stars and experience the night sky for guidance. However, the most important experiences at the now reborn desert resort are the captivating moments unique to this destination and the vibrant entertainment that not only make every stay special, but also create lasting memories. Bab Al Shams tells the long-kept secrets and stories of a people and the Arab spirit of adventure. For this purpose, carefully selected experiences and activities have been compiled to meet the preferences and needs of each guest. Through the extensive range of exciting and thrilling activities, travelers are immersed in the fascinating history of Arabia hidden beneath the glittering dunes of the desert.

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In the footsteps of the Bedouins at Bab Al Shams Resort

Following in the footsteps of the former nomads, guests experience a variety of desert adventures – from horseback riding and camel trekking, to falconry and off-road desert excursions, to nature tours to the
Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve
. Adventure seekers test fat bikes in the desert or rent bikes to ride the 86-kilometer bike path in
Al Qudra
to conquer. For those looking for new perspectives, the resort also offers
Hot air balloon rides
over the desert at sunrise – including breakfast at airy heights.

Focused on holistic well-being, Bab Al Shams offers the luxury of choosing between harmonious tranquility and adventurous experiences. The Desert Spa offers treatments and therapies that combine various traditional and modern techniques, inviting guests to relax and feel good. The popular desert infinity pool returns, offering the opportunity to escape city life and relax on comfortable sun loungers, in private cabanas, at the
Swim-Up Pool Bar
or in the family pool to enjoy the casual, tranquil atmosphere. As part of Kerzner’s Rare Finds collection – select resorts that exemplify special hospitality, highlight the essence of a place and promise soulful experiences – Bab Al Shams Resort preserves its legendary heritage as the oldest desert resort in the United Arab Emirates.

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