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German Armagnac Festival: Discover the world of exquisite French brandy

German Armagnac Festival: Discover the world of exquisite French brandy

German Armagnac Festival

Prepare for a fascinating journey through the world of Armagnac – from the rustic beauty of Gascony to the modern innovation of Armagnac distilleries. The first German Armagnac Festival in Stuttgart invites you to experience the essence of France’s oldest spirit up close.

Meetings with top producers and tastings of award-winning spirits

The German Armagnac Festival offers you the unique opportunity to meet the top producers of the industry in person and taste their excellent Armagnacs. Learn more about the secrets of this coveted spirit and be enchanted by its diversity.

The unique world of Armagnac and its diverse flavors

Armagnac, an eau-de-vie from the Gascony region of France, is made by distilling white wine and matures in oak barrels for at least two years. Its rustic and robust character, unique distillation process and different age classifications make it a real treat for connoisseurs and the curious alike.

German Armagnac Festival
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Meet the masters of their trade and experience their passion firsthand

Not only can you taste the world-famous Armagnacs from Gascony, but you can also meet the master distillers and producers themselves. Meet the artisans, learn about their traditional methods and innovative techniques, and hear the stories behind their unique creations.

What awaits you at the German Armagnac Festival

The festival becomes a platform for spirits lovers and offers a family community event to exchange with like-minded people. 13 renowned producers from the Armagnac region will be there in person, as will 5 independent bottlers with exclusive single cask bottlings. Discover and taste more than 250 Armagnacs from 25 brands and enjoy French specialties from our partner “Café Moustache”.

Tastings and seminars for behind-the-scenes insights

The German Armagnac Festival offers a varied selection for both experienced Armagnac lovers and beginners. Take part in tastings and seminars to take a personal look behind the scenes and discover the fascination of this traditional brandy. Prepare for an unforgettable experience full of flavors and aromas and immerse yourself in the world of Armagnac at the first German Armagnac Festival in Stuttgart.

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