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Restaurant Tim Raue presents “Kolibri x Berlin” menu

Restaurant Tim Raue presents “Kolibri x Berlin” menu

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The “Restaurant Tim Raue” stands for excellence, innovation and the finest flavours in the culinary world. Now it proudly presents its latest creation: a menu that reflects the heart of Berlin in every bite.

Continuous innovation and excellence

Over the past 13 years, Tim Raue’s restaurant has received numerous prestigious awards for its Asian-inspired cuisine: Two Michelin stars, entries in Gault & Millau and repeated mentions among “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants“. This outstanding success is based on the relentless pursuit of perfection by Tim Raue and his partner Marie-Anne Wild. “We can’t deal with stagnation,” Raue explains.

“Kolibri x Berlin”: A culinary homage to the capital city

Tim Raue’s travels and discoveries on the international stage have brought him back home to Berlin. Together with Marie-Anne Wild, the new menu “Kolibri x Berlin” is now presented. A fusion of classic German dishes and Raue’s signature flavour combination of sweetness, acidity and spiciness. From sprat with cucumber and Imperial caviar to the main course, Königsberger Klopsen, every dish is a delicious surprise.

The culinary journey

The “Kolibri x Berlin” menu starts with sprat and cucumber, followed by pikeperch and sauerkraut. A speciality is the shrimp cocktail “KadeWe“. And who could resist a goulash of Wagyu beef or the “Cold Love” dessert? The menu is available in seven courses and costs 268 euros per person.

The KOI menu: another treat for the palate

For lovers of Asian-inspired cuisine, the restaurant continues to offer the KOI menu. Dishes like hake with miso and dim sum bamboo mushroom show the variety of flavours that Raue combines so masterfully. This menu is also offered at a price of 268 euros per person.

Authenticity and origin

Regardless of the menu chosen, Tim Raue’s restaurant relies on products of the highest quality. Almost all ingredients come from Europe, many directly from Germany. Here, value is placed on trustworthy and quality-conscious partners such as mimi ferments or the Keltenhof in Filderstadt. The few exotic ingredients, such as mango and ginger, are carefully selected to ensure the authentic taste.

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The secret of success

Marie-Anne Wild emphasises that her success story is not only based on first-class cuisine. “The gastronomy and also the staff and guests are changing,” she says. A clear identity, flexibility and solid partnerships are more important today than ever.

Restaurant Tim Raue continues its tradition of culinary excellence with the new menu “Kolibri x Berlin”. An ode to the capital that will delight both locals and visitors from all over the world. With innovation, quality and a clear understanding of the changing gastronomy market, Restaurant Tim Raue remains an indispensable jewel in Berlin’s culinary crown.

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