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W XYZ Bar – A unique experience in the heart of Munich

W XYZ Bar – A unique experience in the heart of Munich


Elegant and captivating, W XYZ Bar is more than just a bar – it’s a tribute to travel, encounters and experiences. The newly designed jewel in the Aloft Munich opens its doors to all those who want to linger in an atmosphere full of stories and emotions.

A window on the fascinating world of railway stations

Railway stations, these gigantic cathedrals of modernity, are not just mere stops for trains. They are places of meeting, the beginning of new adventures and the end of long-cherished dreams. The Aloft Munich has captured precisely this essence in the W XYZ Bar. With a breathtaking view of the lively hustle and bustle of Bayerstrasse, the bar offers its guests the opportunity to be both observer and protagonist at the same time. While the windows offer a view of the world outside, the divan seating in the bar invites you to sit back and take in stories of faraway lands and cultures.

W XYZ Drinks & Bites: Treats for every taste

A good drink is often the gateway to unforgettable evenings. Under the creative hand of bartender Hrvoje Racic, cocktails ranging from refreshing and fruity to complex and aromatic have been created at W XYZ Bar. Be it the “Garnet” for October, the “Hot Buttered Rum” for November or the festive “Kentucky Christmas” in December – every sip promises an incomparable taste experience.

But it’s not just the drinks menu that impresses. The “W XYZ Bites” are also a real treat. Whether sweet temptations like the brownie tart or savoury delicacies like the buffalo chicken wings – everyone will find exactly what they’re in the mood for here.

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Music that moves: live acts and DJ beats

The W XYZ Bar becomes a stage for music and emotion as night falls. Live@Aloft brings emerging artists into the spotlight monthly, while DJ@Aloft transforms the dance floor into a vibrant place full of energy. It is these unforgettable moments that give the W XYZ Bar its unique charm and make it a must for every Munich resident and visitor to the city.

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