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c/o56 Chemnitz presents the first 24/7 hotel shop in the region

c/o56 Chemnitz presents the first 24/7 hotel shop in the region

c/o56 Chemnitz

The city of Chemnitz can be pleased about an innovative novelty in the hotel industry. The Hotel c/o56 Chemnitz unveils the first 24/7 hotel shop in the region called “c/onsum56”. This offers not only snacks and drinks, but also a wide range of souvenirs and more. But what makes this shop so special?

A shop of a special kind

“c/onsum56” is not just an extension of the conventional minibar. It offers a variety of products, from drinks and hot food to cosmetics and travel guides. The range of souvenirs from Chemnitz and the Ore Mountains is particularly impressive.

In addition to the diverse range of products, “c/onsum56” stands out with its self-service concept. Guests can shop and pay without cash or an app, just like at a self-service checkout in a supermarket. And if you do have any questions, the friendly reception team at c/o56 Chemnitz is always available to help.

Innovation meets tradition

The c/o56 Chemnitz has once again positioned itself as a pioneer of the Chemnitz hotel industry with the “c/onsum56”. After the sustainability certification in July, this is another milestone in the hotel’s development to be one of the most progressive hotels in the region and in the Free State.

As General Manager Falko Grober proudly points out: “We are very proud to have developed and opened a self-service shop together with the company Wanzl GmbH & Co. KGaA, to have developed and opened a self-service shop that our guests as well as the people of Chemnitz themselves will appreciate in equal measure.” He particularly highlights the wide selection of high-quality souvenirs that the hotel offers its guests.

Regional partnerships

A special feature of “c/onsum56” is also the cooperation with regional producers. Nicole Strebe from Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen explains: “A gift set, for example with a smoker, is a keepsake that you can enjoy for a long time, not just at Christmas time.”

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In addition, Robert Richter from the Chemnitz Kreativfabrik emphasises the importance of such innovative projects for the Capital of Culture 2025.

The c/o56 Chemnitz has not only taken a step into the future with the “c/onsum56”, but also offers its guests a unique opportunity to experience the culture and tradition of the region up close. A visit to the hotel and its unique shop is recommended for locals and tourists alike.

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