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Eat Tasty: The culinary revolution of the Enchilada Group

Eat Tasty: The culinary revolution of the Enchilada Group

Eat Tasty

With Eat Tasty, the Enchilada Group is launching a revolutionary delivery concept that focuses on both the on-site guest experience and the delivery service. Central production kitchens, state-of-the-art technologies and environmentally friendly delivery methods are just some of the highlights of this offer.

More than just a delivery service

A good meal connects, and in our ever-changing world, innovative solutions are needed to bring the culinary experience to people’s homes. This is exactly what the latest project of the Enchilada Group promises.

The concept

The Enchilada Group, long known in the German gastronomy scene, has launched a unique delivery concept with Eat Tasty. By centralising the delivery business in specialised production kitchens, the individual restaurants in the group can focus on what they do best: Creating an unforgettable guest experience.

The advantages

Customers benefit from numerous advantages, including:

  • Multiple ordering options: Directly via the Eat Tasty website, via existing restaurant websites or via well-known delivery platforms such as Lieferando and Uber Eats.
  • Mix & Match orders: Customers can order from different concepts – tacos, pizza and burgers in one shopping cart? No problem at Eat Tasty.
  • Ecological focus: Deliveries are made exclusively via environmentally friendly e-bikes, making the concept not only tasteful but also ecologically convincing.

Vision for the future: expansion and sustainability

The development of the concept is to be completed by the beginning of 2024, with the vision of expanding nationwide. As Dennis Müller, CEO of Enchilada Franchise AG, explains: “We are currently working hard to make Eat Tasty even more sustainable, for example in the area of packaging solutions”.

A word from the makers

Dennis Müller, a visionary behind the project, sums it up: “As a gastronomy company with several brands under one roof, it needs an individual solution. We have developed a platform that makes it easier for us to enter new cities and regions.”

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A promising concept for gourmets

Eat Tasty not only offers culinary pleasure, but combines it with flexibility, innovation and an eye for sustainability. The combination of these aspects makes the concept a promising addition to the field of catering delivery services. Gourmets, look forward to a taste explosion delivered straight to your door!

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