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Gansloser presents high class premium rum

Gansloser presents high class premium rum


The Swabian distillery Gansloser, known for its exquisite recipes and the avoidance of nature-identical additives, has now demonstrated its innovative capacity once again. After the successful launch of the non-alcoholic gins 1905.BLACK and 1905.BLACK DISTILLERS CUT, the traditional company now proudly presents its BLACK RUM and BLACK RUM DISTILLERS CUT. The distillery from Geislingen an der Steige in Baden-Württemberg is thus further expanding its already diverse range.

Gansloser: The creation of BLACK RUM

Holger Frey, who is the fourth generation to run the family business, explains: “The idea for BLACK RUM came about rather by chance. At a hotel opening, we had the chance to taste rum and I was immediately enthusiastic.” Frey poured this enthusiasm into the development of BLACK RUM. The result is more than ten years of expertise, culminating in a rum with balanced, delicate aromas of vanilla, honey, smoke and cinnamon, as well as fruity notes of plum, apple, cherry and sherry.

The unique taste of BLACK RUM

The unique BLACK RUM is characterized by its complex structure. Pleasantly mild on the tongue and also on the palate, it leaves a strong finish. Through its barrel refinement in medium toasted French oak barrels, the 12 year old BLACK RUM 42% thus receives a perfectly balanced flavor profile.


In addition to the BLACK RUM, Gansloser also offers the 14 years matured BLACK RUM DISTILLERS CUT with 54% alcohol content. This deep brown rum impresses with its clear color and intense aromas of vanilla, smoke and sherry.

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Gansloser: South German rum with international flair

The origin of BLACK RUM ranges from Europe to the Caribbean and Central America. Selected and specially aged distillates form the basis for this unusual barrel finish on the Swabian Alb. Less tropical, but just as exotic, Gansloser shows that rum from the south can come not only from the Caribbean, but also from southern Germany.

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