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Emirates Premium Economy Class launches on new routes

Emirates Premium Economy Class launches on new routes


When it comes to premium experiences in the air, Emirates airline is once again setting the standard. The company recently announced that its coveted Premium Economy Class will now be available on flights from Dubai to São Paulo and Tokyo Narita. But what makes this class so special, and why are more and more travellers opting for this upgrade?

New horizons in comfort

Since the introduction of Premium Economy Class a year ago, more than 160,000 passengers have made the leap from Standard Economy Class and opted for the enhanced level of comfort.

“Increasing demand on Emirates’ international network shows that the cabin class appeals to travellers seeking a premium travel experience at an attractive price.”

Special amenities on selected routes

Especially on long-haul flights, the extra comfort is an invaluable advantage. Emirates Premium Economy Class features extra legroom, premium amenities and more. On flights to São Paulo and Tokyo Narita, travellers are offered a special flight experience in a new look and feel, with renewed interiors in all classes.

Exclusivity and luxury on board

Premium Economy Class is not just a middle ground between Standard Economy and Business Class. It stands for an independent and exclusive experience. On the A380 jets with a four-class configuration, Emirates offers 56 premium economy seats in a 2-4-2 arrangement, strategically positioned at the front of the main deck. “Passengers can look forward to a host of benefits including luxurious seats, more legroom, premium food and beverage and other extras and additional services.”

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Global expansion

The offer extends far beyond São Paulo and Tokyo Narita. Emirates currently offers Premium Economy Class on routes to worldwide destinations including London Heathrow, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Christchurch, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Houston and San Francisco. Soon Mumbai and Bengaluru will also be included.

It is undeniable that Emirates’ Premium Economy Class is a game-changer in the airline industry. With the steady expansion of its offering, Emirates underlines its claim to offer its customers first-class travel experiences worldwide. For those who appreciate luxury, comfort and value for money, this offer is just right. Once you have experienced the difference, you will find it hard to go back.

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