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Guide MICHELIN 2023: Here are the results

Guide MICHELIN 2023: Here are the results

The new edition of the Guide MICHELIN Germany 2023 is out, and it shows that German gastronomy remains on course for success despite economic challenges and a shortage of skilled workers. With a total of 334 star restaurants, including one new 3-star restaurant, eight new 2-star restaurants and 34 new 1-star restaurants, the impressive development continues.

Jan Hartwig: Sensation with his restaurant JAN

Jan Hartwig, already known for his 3-star cuisine at Munich’s Atelier, once again reaches the top league of German chefs. With his restaurant JAN in Munich’s Museumsquartier, he not only fulfills a dream, but also directly reaps three Michelin stars for his creative cuisine.

Eight new 2-star restaurants increase quality

Particularly pleasing is the remarkable number of 50 2-star restaurants, including eight new additions. The Alois – Dallmayr Fine Dining in Munich stands out, which directly receives two stars under the management of Max Natmessnig. Other up-and-comers include L.A. Jordan, Lakeside Restaurant, Restaurant Votum, Karlsruher sein, Coeur D’Artichaut, Gourmet Restaurant Dichter and Mühle in Schluchsee.

34 New additions in the 1-star segment

The restaurants with a MICHELIN star have 34 new additions. In Berlin, The NOname and Bonvivant, the latter with vegetarian and vegan cuisine, each scored one star. Freiburg is pleased to announce three new 1-star restaurants: the Colombi Restaurant, the Eichhalde and the Wolfshöhle.

Münster and Munich shine with new star restaurants

Münster (Westphalia) also records two new 1-star restaurants in addition to the 2-star restaurant Coeur D’Artichaut: the restaurant BOK Brust oder Keule and the Spitzner. Munich, on the other hand, welcomes the restaurants Brothers and mural farmhouse – FINE DINE, the latter also receiving the Green Star for sustainability.

Cologne’s Sahila – The Restaurant receives first star

In Cologne, Sahila – The Restaurant under the direction of Julia Komp receives a star. Komp skilfully translates her numerous culinary impressions from a trip around the world and thus enriches the German gastronomic scene.

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The Michelin 2023 edition once again proves that, despite all the challenges, German gastronomy operates at a high level and is constantly developing. Guests can look forward to a variety of new and exciting culinary experiences.

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