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Aman Wadi Safar: Aman Group expands its presence in Saudi Arabia

Aman Wadi Safar: Aman Group expands its presence in Saudi Arabia

Aman Wadi Safar

World-renowned lifestyle and hospitality brand, Aman Group, announces the launch of two new destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Aman Wadi Safar and Janu Diriyah. This expansion underscores the brand’s continued growth in the region and follows the success of the opening of Aman New York.

Aman Wadi Safar: A unique desert resort

Located in the stunning desert landscape near the city of Riyadh, Aman Wadi Safar will offer a luxurious hotel with 78 rooms, 34 Aman residences and a variety of first-class amenities. These include a lavish Aman Spa and a variety of gastronomic options for the discerning guest.

The architecture: tradition and modernity

To create the unique architecture, Denniston Architects was hired to bring the expertise of Jean-Michel Gathy to the project. This combines Aman’s signature design language with the destination’s local culture, heritage and landscape to create a harmonious symbiosis.

Inspired by nature and Najdi culture

The resort draws inspiration from unspoiled nature and traditional design elements of the Najdi culture to express the values of a community lifestyle. Aman Wadi Safar blends seamlessly with the surrounding wadis and plateaus, reinforcing the connection between the property and its exceptional desert location.

Planned opening of the Aman Wadi Safar in 2026

The opening is planned for 2026. Guests can look forward to an unforgettable experience that combines luxury, culture and breathtaking nature.

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Janu Diriyah: Another project of the Aman Group

In addition to Aman Wadi Safar, Aman Group also announced Janu Diriyah, an additional project from its sister brand Janu. The name “Janu” comes from Sanskrit and means “soul,” reflecting the brand’s philosophy of providing a profound and enriching experience for its guests.

Aman was founded in 1988 with the vision of creating a collection of private retreats with the humble and warm hospitality of a gracious private home. The first Amanpuri (Place of Peace) in Phuket, Thailand, introduced the concept; since then, Aman has grown to 34 exquisite, tranquil hotels and resorts, ranging from urban to remote locations in 20 destinations around the globe, 12 of which have Aman Branded Residences.

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