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Discover Locarno: Eight reasons to visit the city on Lake Maggiore

Discover Locarno: Eight reasons to visit the city on Lake Maggiore


Locarno, the northernmost town on Lake Maggiore, is the Mediterranean soul of Switzerland. There the imposing Swiss mountains meet the first lemon trees of Italy. This picturesque place, nestled in a romantic mountain landscape, is the perfect destination for vacationers.

Locarno offers weather pleasures all year round

With 2300 hours of sunshine annually and a short, mild winter, Locarno is the warmest place in Switzerland. This favorable climate not only has a positive effect on the mood of visitors, but also allows a unique flora.

Flower paradise in Locarno

Thanks to its mild climate, Locarno is home to plants from all over the world, including exotic species such as camellias. The Camellia Park, where more than 1000 species can be admired, is a must for plant lovers.

Mystical heritage

A visit to the mysterious Castello Visconte, the historical highlight of the old town and home to the archaeological museum, is a journey into the past. The exact date of origin of this impressive castle is still a mystery.

Pilgrimage destination and breathtaking views

The Madonna del Sasso in Locarno, a famous place of pilgrimage founded in 1480 after an apparition of the Virgin Mary, offers a breathtaking view. Regardless of the religious background, you should visit this place to enjoy the fantastic panorama.

Unique panoramas

For even more impressive views, a cable car ride from Orselina to Cardada and then on to Cimetta offers unforgettable views. From there, the lowest and highest point of Switzerland – the Lago Maggiore and the Dufourspitze – can be captured in one view.

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The heart of cinematography

Held annually in August, the Locarno Film Festival is a cultural highlight where international stars shine on the red carpet and films are shown on big screens.

Locarno old town

Locarno’s picturesque old town, Città Vecchia, with its narrow streets leading to the car-free Piazza Grande, is a lively meeting place, ideal for romantic walks and relaxed café visits.

Giardino Lago: enjoyment by the lake

Locarno’s lakeside promenade offers ideal conditions for strolling, swimming and cycling. The perfect end to a day is an aperitif at the Giardino Lago rooftop bar in nearby Minusio.

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